Author(s): Amy Rowland

I had struggled before over whether to speak during worship, but this was different. It was near the close of worship, and a long-time member was sharing a folk tale from childhood. The story clearly moved him, and I can only imagine it was intended as a gift, a tender ministry for all of us in worship. But it was not a gift, at least not of the kind intended. The tale was of an enduring struggle between two iconic opposing figures – one evil, one good. On another morning, I might have let... Read more.

Author(s): Perry Hutchison
Author(s): Donald W. McCormick


I stand alone

after Quaker meeting--

the Society of Friends


long conversations

by the coffee pot

joys of Quaker fellowship



Donald W. McCormick is a member of Grass Valley Friends Meeting in Nevada City, CA (PacYM).


Author(s): Richard Knottenbelt

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the torrents that flow from TV, radio, social media, and the occasional print publication. Vast arrays of information, persuasion, entertainment, and junk threaten our sanity. They can also condition our attitudes and perceptions in ways that we are not even aware of. As Friends, we want to engage with news media in ways that reflect our deepest values. But how?

To begin the search for answers, twenty Friends spent an intense ninety minutes together... Read more.

Author(s): David-James Bloom

[This article is abridged from a longer one, published online at]

I recently attended a group dialogue on radical inclusivity, hosted on Zoom. It began with each participant editing their screen name by typing either “POC” (person of color) or “WP” (White person) before their name. I was immediately... Read more.

Author(s): Jed Walsh, Mackenzie Barton-Rowledge, Jeff Kisling, Fatema Jaffer, Elliotte Enochs, Megan Wilson
Introducing Quakers for Abolition

by Mackenzie Barton-Rowledge and Jed Walsh

In late 2020, the two of us wrote an article for Western Friend, “Abolish the Police.” Through writing the piece, we realized we wanted to convene larger conversations among Friends who share an interest in police and prison abolition. Quaker abolitionists today face major pushback from their own Quaker meetings, and we hoped that by drawing abolitionist Friends together, we would support... Read more.

Author(s): Friends in Richmond Indiana 1948

Advices on Conscription and War: By the Religious Society of Friends in the United States, Richmond, Indiana, 1948

Friends are exhorted to adhere faithfully to [our] testimony against all wars and fightings, and in no way to unite with any warlike measure such as a Selective Service Draft or Universal Military Training . . . A living concern having been expressed that Friends’ practices be consistent with their professions, Friends are urged: 

1. To... Read more.

Author(s): Betty Guthrie

This is a time when many Quaker meetings have approved statements denouncing racist violence and pledging their efforts to uproot and dismantle systemic racism. Many individual Friends are engaged in anti-racist work in their communities and are educating themselves about the history and impacts of racism in our country, the better to discern how they might act to promote racial equity and justice.

Quakers are justly proud of our historic role in efforts to end the slave trade and... Read more.

Author(s): Kate Connell

[Join Kate Connell online in November to talk about Truth in Military Recruitment. See]

When the Military Selective Service Act was reinstated in 1980, requiring mandatory registration for a military draft, I was a college freshman, draft age. I am not a veteran or a man, not an educator... Read more.


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