Author(s): Trudy Myrrh Reagan
Time and Space

I carry time like a tune in my head
A murmuring metronome of which I’m unaware –
But once,Under deep anesthetic
It grew silent
And I awoke not knowing
Quite what day it was.

Space is an interactive map plotted in my brain –
But the longer I am absent from home,
The more my dining room gently expands.
Stray keepsakes vanish from the windowsills,
And the whole is bathed in a wan,
... Read more.

Author(s): Anna Fritz

To celebrate the release of my third solo album, I played a big concert (of course). This was in 2016. I remember the nearly sold-out crowd gathering in the swanky Portland club and me, sitting in the back stairwell behind the stage, trying desperately not to barf, trying to ground back into my shaking-with-adrenaline body. Part of my difficulty lay in knowing that the people buying cocktails and chatting with their friends were there for a little Saturday night entertainment, while I was... Read more.

Author(s): Amanda Beattie, Zae Asa Illo, Kat Northrup

Dear Friends Everywhere,

Eighteen Friends of color from Pacific Yearly Meeting, North Pacific Yearly Meeting (Montana Gathering of Friends), Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, and Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting gathered at Ben Lomond Quaker Center on the ancestral lands of the Ohlone People on April 5 - 7, 2019. This gathering grew out of our collective need to get to know other Friends of color in our yearly meetings. Many of us have experienced isolation stemming from being the only or... Read more.

Author(s): Joann Renee Boswell

I don’t know if you are real
and I don’t want to be fooled
anymore, letting myself be born
into beliefs that are both wrong
and profoundly harmful – two-edged
sword slicing my insides
as it tears stranger into enemy.

I feel silly in ways
I didn’t as a kid,
writing to  you
this time unsure.

doubt was a gift
forbidden, fruit
unappetizing like
soft apples.
I didn’t understand
its appeal... Read more.

Author(s): Diane Randall

OUR principle is, and our practices have always been, to seek peace and ensue it; to follow after righteousness and the knowledge of God; seeking the good and welfare, and doing that which tends to the peace of all. . . All bloody principles and practices, as to our own particulars, we utterly deny; with all outward wars and strife, and fightings with outward weapons, for any end, or under any pretense whatsoever; this is our testimony to the whole world world.

– A... Read more.

Author(s): Zae Asa Illo

I am an African American whose encounter with God is more an attitude than belief system, a certain swagger and daring in the face of what black liberation theologian James Cone would refer to as “obvious failure.” By all quantitative standards, the post-Reconstruction experience of African Americans would meet the definition of failure. Today, the median wealth of single Black women is – prepare yourself – five dollars. In San Francisco, African Americans are only five... Read more.

Author(s): Timothy Clark

In the September/October 2018 issue of Western Friend, “On Children,” I wrote about my experiences as a Child Protective Services (CPS) social worker. Much of what I described about investigating child abuse concerned “control.” For example, my Quaker practices of listening in silence and discernment helped me “learn the rules so you can break them properly,“ as the Dalai Lama recommends. “The rules” in this case were Washington State’s Child Protection Laws and the policies of CPS... Read more.

Author(s): Gil George, Jade Souza, James Hibbs

To All Friends Near and Far:

Greetings from the second annual sessions of the Sierra Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends. We met in Canby, Oregon near the overlap of the Molalla and Atfalati Kalapuya native lands. Thank you to all who have been holding our ongoing formation in the Light of Love. We deeply appreciate the encouragement and visitors you have sent our way.

Our times of worship preparation were facilitated by Matt Boswell of Camas Friends and... Read more.

Author(s): Priscilla Wakefield

The art of exercising the faculty of thinking, and reflecting upon every object that is seen, ought to constitute a material branch of a good education . . .

CECILIA: How comes it, Sophia, that I am so often idle, and my thoughts wander from what I am about, when I really intend to be good?

SOPHIA: You are very young, my dear, and mamma says that the habit of attention is difficult to form; but that by steadily endeavoring to fix our thoughts on one object we shall every day... Read more.


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