Author(s): Friends of Color Retreat Participants

To Friends Everywhere: We begin by remembering our ancestors who were strong enough to make a way for us. Friends of Color and their families met for Pre-Gathering Retreat on 26 Day through 28 Day Sixth Month 2020. This is the eighth year Friends of Color have met for our Pre- Gathering Retreat.  First-timers felt welcomed and validated.   This year, we met virtually with our largest attendance yet. There were 47 attendees, ranging in age from 11 months through 77 years from Canada, Mexico,... Read more.

Author(s): Larissa Gil Sanhueza

Future generations will likely study the events of this year and scratch their heads. Just considering a global pandemic (and the failure of our leaders to address it) and racial injustice reaching a fever pitch, one can almost envision an entire college course examining the calamities of 2020. Add to that the voter suppression, gun violence, hunger, poverty, wars, and extinctions of plants and animals that were already in play before 2020’s headline events, and it almost sounds like a... Read more.

Author(s): Mica Estrada
Practicing Radical Inclusivity through Awakening to the Spirit of Love and Kindness: a keynote talk by Mica Estrada to Pacific Yearly Meeting, July 11, 2020

[The following text was excerpted from Mica Estrada’s complete keynote talk, which is published at:]

In the story of The Woman who Outshone the Sun, fear enters... Read more.

Author(s): Keith Scott Dickerson

Although I thought I had gone to medical school to become a clinician, it turns out now, twenty-plus years into my medical career, that I actually went to become a teacher. Early on, it became apparent that others viewed me as a good teacher. I did indeed enjoy teaching, so I chose to become a physician teacher of resident physicians and medical students, a role I have filled for the last sixteen years.

Early in my career as a teacher of medicine, I struggled with what it meant to be... Read more.

Author(s): C. Wess Daniels
Liturgies of Empire, Liturgies of Resistance: a keynote talk by C. Wess Daniels to Intermountain Yearly Meeting, June 19, 2020

[The following text was drawn from a complete transcript of C. Wess Daniels’s keynote talk, which is published at:]

Today I want to talk about how our worship and our practices shape us and prepare us... Read more.

Author(s): Bob Langfelder

Dear Editor: I came away from Hayley Hathaway’s upbeat “A Vision of 2050” in the May/June issue thinking, “Sounds great, but does she really believe in what she says here? Or is this just forced hopefulness, so your readers do not despair, facing not just the present, but the future, too?” Sleeping on it, I realized that most 2050 predictions are negative – to be honest to the “facts,” but also to motivate us.  ~~~

– Bob Langfelder, Strawberry Creek Quaker Meeting (PacYM)

Author(s): Barbara Babin

The school year is about to begin. Parents and school districts are making decisions about what is best for children in the midst of a pandemic, anxiously weighing health risks against social and mental health benefits, deciding between distance learning and in-person, socially distanced learning. We are facing these same kinds of decisions in our Quaker meetings, as we yearn for social connection and consider our options. As we consider our adult needs and capacities, let’s also remember to... Read more.

Author(s): Hayley Hathaway

My article certainly was an experiment in speculative fiction. I think that trying to create a strong, inspiring vision is one of the most important first steps in making change. Many of our movements have failed because we assumed that general support from most of the populous was enough to make big policy changes, when in fact, it’s usually a small, very dedicated, creative, and strategic group of single-minded folks that make change. I’m motivated by Sunrise Movement and how they are... Read more.

Author(s): Philip Balcombe

Dear Editor: In response to Tyger Wright’s letter, “Growth Versus Preservation,” July/August 2020, I must express my distress at the impression it leaves that Friends in Santa Fe are insensitive to Quaker values and our inheritance from our beloved Olive Rush. As a visitor to our Meeting, Wright can be forgiven for not understanding the larger context, but our situation is far more complex than the “either/or” choice implied in her letter. The Meeting has struggled with this issue for four... Read more.

Author(s): Anonymous

Dear Editor: I think Anonymous “speaks to the condition of many.” I want to share some bits of advice that might help. You can find others in your position to talk with in chat rooms, both on the phone and online. Also, make sure to get acquainted with services you might need before you are in the position of needing them.

Consider having a bag packed in the trunk of your car, having a stash of “get out of town” money, and having contact information for a lawyer. Finally, reach out... Read more.


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