Author(s): Mary Klein

Humans cannot actually view reality from a god’s-eye perspective, despite all the scriptures that have been written by some to help direct others in the name of God. At most, humans can intuit glimmers of insights that might align with a god’s-eye view. Consider the lilies of the field. The god’s-eye view continuously perceives and cherishes the individual agency of each and every creature in the cosmos, animate and inanimate. The god’s-eye view honors the spider in the corner and... Read more.

Author(s): Allison Kirkegaard

In moving from Claremont to Los Angeles this year, one of the hardest transitions has been to try to get used to the little signs that my new neighbors post in front of their houses: PROTECTED BY XXX SECURITY SYSTEM – ARMED RESPONSE. After ten months, I still flinch each time I see these signs They weigh on my heart as constant reminders that we don’t quite trust each other, that we’re not quite ready to be in community.

And they weigh especially heavily on my heart because I’ve been... Read more.

Author(s): Maia Wolff Ostrom

Calm your mind. Breathe. Take a deep breath. Let it out. What’s on my shopping list? Breathe. Take a deep breath. What’s going on in the world? Is my family okay? Breathe. Take a deep breath.

In the silent moments that appear throughout the constant chatter of my mind, I can find Light. But I also want to quiet the chatter. After all, chatter is a behavior, and we can change behavior. And I want to find a better way to welcome new folks into these practices, to pass these skills on... Read more.

Author(s): David Tucker
Resisting Empire: The Book of Revelation
by C. Wess Daniels
reviewed by David Tucker

Revelation is probably most the polarizing book of the Bible. Continually refashioned and remixed to support countless views crossing over from religious to political, Revelation is a text that is tempting to avoid confronting directly.

This was my experience growing up, scarred... Read more.

Author(s): Isaac Penington

Oh, that men could . . . not lean to their own understandings, nor idolize their own apprehensions and conceivings, but wait to receive understanding from God, who giveth liberally of the true wisdom to those that ask and wait aright! . . . He that will be truly wise must first become a fool, that he may be wise; that is, he must not strive to learn in the comprehensive way of man’s wisdom and prudence the things of God’s kingdom; but feel the begettings of life in his heart, and in that... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Shannon Fagen
Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Tyger Wright

Dear Editor: Thank you to Bettina Raphael and Western Friend for the worthy tribute to the life and legacy of Olive Rush (March/April 2020).

My daughter and I recently discovered the historical treasure that Olive Rush bequeathed to the Santa Fe Quakers. We found it by good fortune on a magical train trip through the Southwest. The chance to spend time in Rush’s old home, now the graceful adobe Santa Fe Meetinghouse – in the guest apartment there – gave our hearts and minds an... Read more.


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