Author(s): Stanford Searl
Friendly Leadership
by Donn Weinholtz
reviewed by Stanford Searl

Donn Weinholtz’s practical new book, Friendly Leadership: Humanely Influencing Others, connects Quaker values with research on how organizations function (or don’t). In it, Weinholtz shows ways for Friends to bring their Quaker spiritual practices into the secular mix as well as in service... Read more.

Author(s): Miscellaneous Friends
A Rattler’s Tale
written by Nancy Hicks Marshall
illustrated by Lauran Sarantopulos

This children’s book by Nancy Marshall of Phoenix Friends Meeting was published in September 2021. Several Friends from Intermountain Yearly Meeting have written to praise it:

I think Nancy Marshall’s latest book is my favorite so far. Through (sometimes embellished) true-... Read more.

Author(s): Susan Loucks
Sacred Decisions
written by Marcia Patton and Nora Percival
reviewed by Susan Loucks

Sacred Decisions provides a case and framework for consensus decision-making in faith contexts – explaining the reasoning, providing tips, and filling out the picture with some case studies. It’s an interesting read for anyone committed to shared power in decision making... Read more.

Author(s): Meg Hodgkin Lippert
Begin Again
by Paul Lowance Niebanck
reviewed by Meg Hodgkin Lippert

This collection of autobiographical stories by Paul Lowance Niebanck, Begin Again, is a treat for ear, eye, and Spirit. Paul shares escapades and events from his life with entertaining and inspiring verve.

Initially, we meet Paul in “Got My Luck,” a recollection in free verse: “... Read more.

Author(s): Margaret Kelso
Messages to Meetings
written by Brian Drayton
reviewed by Margaret Kelso

For Christians, epistolary writing (letter writing) dates back to the Apostles and early church fathers, who visited fledgling Christian communities to offer support, encouragement, and correction, which they later continued by way of writing. In like manner, Brian Drayton, a traveling... Read more.

Author(s): Emelyn Buskirk
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster
written by Bill Gates and Josh Daniel
reviewed by Emelyn Buskirk

I can almost guarantee that there will be some parts of this book that you won’t like. This is especially true of the agricultural policies Bill Gates promotes and his advocacy of nuclear power to generate electricity. You may be, as I am, appalled by his great wealth... Read more.

Author(s): Elias Hicks

[When the] servant [of God] . . . is commanded to smite the rock, [he should] do so, and when to speak calmly to do so. Let the consequence be as it may. And I believe many precious gifts have been greatly marred and some lost by endeavoring to please.

          – Elias Hicks (1823)

Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Mike Huber


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