War is Criminal Activity


Dear Friends: During WW II, on February 14, 1945, I walked with my childhood friend from our school in Prague and he invited me to go to his house to play. For some reason, I decided rather to go home. When I came to the door of our apartment, suddenly an explosion occurred on the street I had been walking on just one or two minutes earlier. Had I been slightly delayed, an air bomb would have killed me. The following day I learned that another bomb had killed my friend on his way home. That day I escaped death twice.

Through the years of my life, I have noticed that many people are unhappy with themselves. This observation lead me to publishing a book, Questions We Have Forgotten to Ask, that is encouraging people to think positively about themselves, their families, friends, and about life. It is dedicated to millions of children who were killed during the last world war and in many other military conflicts since 1945. Planning and conducting a war, to kill children and their families, should be considered as the most extreme criminal activity in the world.

[This letter was abridged from the original, which you can find at: westernfriend.org/library.]

– Vashek Cervinka, Davis Friends Meeting (PYM)

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