Walls of Myth


Dear Editor: Like farm grade baling twine the theme of walls is woven tightly, cogently, through the latest Western Friend, "On Superiority." A critical and compelling point is taken. The foundations of physical walls are first laid in the thoughts between our ears. Architectural barriers could not exist if the footers were not poured early in the classroom, nurtured by mainstream media and codified into law and policy.

Thus, walls like those that liter the US-Mexico border will not come down unless and until we deconstruct, brick by brick, the myths, biases and beliefs of race and privilege that we hold so deeply within ourselves. Meanwhile efforts like immigration reform are, at best, tunnels through the wall, which permit only the perception of progress without changing the status quo of separation. What Light can penetrate our beings so that we might usher in the dawn to dispel this long night?

friend john heid

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