Song of Myself

        I am a girl of many things;
        I am a girl of sorrows;
        I am a girl of laughs,
        but most of all, I am a girl of curiosity.

I am curious of the world around me, of the world I live in.
I wonder how my younger brother will be when he grows up;
I wonder if my older brother will get a bigger house to live in;
I wonder if my mother will ever learn to be happy again.

        My life is filled with ups and downs
                 but I always manage to pull
                myself out of the dark and into the light.
        My frown is never permanent
                for my loved ones always turn it
                upside down.
        This rollercoaster that I call my life is crazy,
                but I’m just enjoying
                the ride while I can.

                 January 11, 2017


Graciela Martinez-Chavez is a sophomore at Redwood High School in Visalia, CA. She has been an attender at Visalia Friends Meeting and a camper at Ben Lomond Quaker Center and Quaker Oaks Farm.

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