On Poetry by Nancy Richard


Dear Editor: What a joy to see in your March/April issue Rick Seifert’s appreciative and thoughtful review of Nancy Gibbs Richard’s book of poems and photographs,  A Small, Steadying Sail of Love.

For over twenty years Nancy’s prayerful poems have given me comfort, inspiration, challenge and delight. They have helped me accept diminishments, rejoice in Earth’s beauty, see glimpses of the holy, let go of worry and experience gratitude. They have let me “risk the Light,” as Nancy counsels.

The poem “The Keys to the Kingdom,” included in the review, has hung on my refrigerator for years, reminding me what is important. I rely on the verse “O Come Silence” to help me center down into worship.  “In Praise of Friendship” touches my heart.

We in Redwood Forest Meeting sorely miss Nancy – her wisdom, her spiritual depth, her humor and above all her caring friendship; but we are happy she has found a home in Multnomah Meeting, whose members obviously are discovering her many gifts.  I encourage your readers to enrich their lives with both of Nancy Richard’s books discussed in Seifert’s sensitive review.

Polly Post Redwood Forest Meeting, Santa Rosa, CA

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