Please Proofread More Carefully


Dear Editor: I was startled by several errors in the May/June 2018 issue of Western Friend.

First, the short description of my own article, which you published online and described on page 5 of the print magazine, mentions the name “Ted Bundy.” In my article about the Sagebrush Rebellion, none of the Bundy family members have the name Ted. The two brothers are Ammon and Ryan. Their father is Cliven. Ted Bundy was a serial killer back in the 1970s; he was long ago executed by the state of Florida.

Second, in the article “Loving Stolen Land” (which I liked a lot!), at the top of the second column on page 18, I think the word the author was looking for was “purports,” rather than “portends.” The meanings are quite different.

Finally – and most shockingly – at the bottom of the first column on page 8, we read, “The earth rotates around the sun, causing the twenty-four hour cycle we call day and night . . .” As anyone with a fourth grade education should know, the earth rotates around its axis, causing day and night.

I hope Western Friend will be able to proofread more carefully in the future. Perhaps having more than one person to perform this task would help; it’s hard for any one person to catch everything.

– Marian Rhys, Multnomah Monthly Meeting (NPYM)

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