Oppressive History


Dear Editor: This is a very good and interesting article by Laurie Childers (July/August 3013). I love the sub-title: "Eleventh Gathering of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers." This is an overwrought word, but "awesome" seems to fit.  I would dearly love to see a picture of this group.

I like the thought of history also being viewed as current.  Certainly, this is the case in the African American community, of which I am a member. The Civil War really continues, really.  (I wonder why Laurie didn't include the White/Black conflict among her examples; the only thing that probably prevented genocide here was the need for slave labor.)

I paused when I read her words, "shared history."  It seems contradictory that an oppressor can "share" a history with its oppressed.  At best, they occupied the same time in history.

Nevertheless, Childers seemed to have put her heart into this, for which I offer her praise.

Henry Organ

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