Natural Disaster and Elderly Resources


Dear Editor:

I manage a website that focuses on senior citizen safety (, and I’ve noticed that many elders don’t have the information they need to stay safe when a natural disaster strikes. Of course, storm/weather safety is an important topic for people of all ages, and it’s important that everyone has the information they need to stay prepared.

With that in mind, I encourage your readers to visit the following websites, which provide natural-disaster safety information, so that all of them, both young and old, can stay up to date. [Live links to the following are found in the Western Friend online library at:]

  • Foolproof Winter Storm Tips for a Safer Winter
  • Homeowner’s Guide to Cleaning Up After an Earthquake
  • Be Prepared for Extreme Heat
  • Hot and Cold: Extreme Temperature Safety
  • How to Recover After a Hurricane
  • Flood Safety Guide
  • Home Tornado Safety Review Guide
  • Prepare for a Wildfire
  • I would also like to highlight a list of websites that Eldercorps has assembled, which link to  resources specifically concerned with the needs of seniors:
  • Elder Resource Hubs, State by State

There is a massive elderly population in the United States that continues to grow and age. In the next forty years, the number of Americans aged 65 or older will more than double. By 2040, they will form over 20% of the population. This is not isolated to the US;  in fact, other countries – such as the United Kingdom and Germany – are actually facing greater aging populations.

Many hold an unrealistic idea that people live in good health until rapid decline just before death. In fact, most of our aging population is disabled, sometimes with multiple afflictions. 

We all need to help our communities stay informed and making sure folks of all ages have access to the information they need to stay safe when a natural disaster strikes and as natural aging occurs.

– Lisa Gonzalez, Elderscorps

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