Miracle Motors - Review


Miracle Motors: A Pert Near True Story

by Peggy Senger Morrison

Reviewed by Sandy Farley

Peggy Morrison describes Miracle Motors as narrative theology. It is also a delightful bit of auto-biography (or moto-biography). Peggy drove up to the bookstore at North Pacific Yearly Meeting this past July with copies of Miracle Motors in the cargo spaces of Rocinante, her motorcycle. She arrived wearing her leathers and looking like a “biker babe.” She read passages from her book and answered questions.

So who is Peggy Morrison? She’s a Quaker of the evangelical sort. She has served as pastor of Friends’ churches, though she is currently an administrator at a continuation school, and her wife is a pastor. Almost everything she does, she does with a sense of divine leading. Peggy also takes pleasure in breaking peoples’ stereotypes.

What happens in Miracle Motors; a Pert Near True Story? Peggy’s life story is revealed through a theological lens. The more we get into the story, the more its episodes feel like little moments of ministry. Peggy recommends this book as bathroom reading because the chapters are short, but it works in any room where you can reflect on the messages. Life has lessons everywhere, and when we are ready to listen to the still small voice of God, these life experiences can drive to a deeper level.

The book’s descriptions of motorcycle trips offer a chance to see the world from the point of view of that helmeted guy who passes you when the traffic jams up. I gained a new respect for bikers. The serendipitous encounters and just-in-time rescues are believable enough to pass as minor miracles.

Peggy gives us many examples of faithful listening to the Christ within, yet she doesn’t paint herself as a saint. We see her making mistakes, but we know how she got there.

She writes brightly, and I found the book to be a real page-turner. I appreciated the chance to listen in on someone’s honest, direct conversations with God. The effect is surprisingly intimate. I recommend Miracle Motors, which I do believe to be “pert near true.” That is, the details may not be told precisely as they happened, but the essence of the message is true. Miracle Motors was published in 2014 by Unction Press at unction.org.  ~~~

Sandy Farley is a member of Palo Alto Friends Meeting (PYM), with plenty of road trip experience, recent years in a Prius. She has worshipped at Freedom Friends Church in Oregon where Peggy once pastored.

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