Investing in Friends’ Visions


Dear Editor: I read with great interest your interview with Jeff Perkins, the Executive Director of Friends Fiduciary (“The Tension of Money and Faith” in the May/June 2017 issue). Having only recently learned of this non-profit group that is available for Quaker organizations, I was eager to learn more about their common faith and set of values that align with Friends.

I agree with his premise that we Quakers need to think of our money in terms of abundance rather than scarcity. What can we do with our money, especially any discretionary funds we might have, that can help drive the visions of Friends’ communities and organizations? I also applaud Friends Fiduciary for advocating for the change they want to see in those companies they invest in – helping to move their policies in the direction more in tune with Quaker values – rather than just divesting.

Let’s continue to financially support our Quaker Meetings as well as those deserving Friends’ organizations that are on the front lines of making this world a better place for future generations. We can do more than merely hold them in the Light.

– Sakre Edson, Florence (Oregon) Worship Group (NPYM)


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