Deeply Conscious Art


Dear Friends: I know of no organized group of socially aware individuals other than Friends who may be able to help me with this request.

Put simply, I have a deeply conscious artist friend, Debra Calkins, who has created an exhibition piece of art that addresses the subject of human trafficking and the sex trade. I am helping her to learn of places she can display this piece of art to effect social change. It is very moving and very graphic in a verbal depiction of sexual language and imagery. Do you know of any venues I may contact that would consider showing or touring this piece? Any and all suggestions would be deeply appreciated.

This work is entitled “Unmade Bed” and may be viewed for consideration at – with a warning that it contains graphic material. You can contact Debra for more information about this opportunity at Debra-AT-LongWalkHomeStudio-DOT-com. Thank you for your consideration.

– Cheryl L. Weisz, Freeland, WA

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