Camp Woolman


Dear Friends: We are proud to be entering our fourteenth year of Camp Woolman.  Our campers play silly games, make friends, garden, backpack in diverse landscapes, learn about peace and community, and drop all pretenses to let their inner light shine through. Our community is uniquely close-knit

Camp Woolman offers 1-2 week overnight programs for kids age 9-14 and teens age 15-17. Our vegetarian meals are often made with ingredients right from the our Farm.

Our counselors foster diversity, self-discovery, and self-reliance. We celebrate all gender identities and expressions, cultural backgrounds and beliefs, and all the unique traits that make each and every one of our campers special.

For more information, contact  Sonja Feinberg at, or visit

– Sonja Feinberg is the Coordinator of Camp Woolman

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