Building Bridges Among Friends


Dear Editor:  I am grateful that you published the "Estranged Family of Friends" by Andrew Secret (Sept/Oct 2013). I was moved by his testimony and commitment to fostering unity among different branches of Friends and agree with him with him that "cross fertilization between the traditions...could be very valuable." Amazing things have occurred in the Pacific Northwest since women of the programmed and unprogrammed traditions got together, shared their stories, and developed friendships. The Quaker Women's Theological Conferences, the involvement of Northwest Yearly Meeting in FWCC, FCNL and AFSC, etc. have had a significant impact on the spiritual life of Friends, and enhanced our witness to the world.

I hope that others will follow Andrew's example and build bridges among California Friends who have been estranged for far too long. That's why I value Friends World Committee for Consultation: it offers opportunities to get to know Evangelical Friends better.

I am looking forward to the FWCC Section of the Americas Gathering that will take place in Sacramento, March 14-16, 2013. Continuing with the theme, "Let the Living Water Flow! Friends serving God's purposes,” this conference will offer workshops for Friends to develop our intercultural communication skills – for intra-Quaker dialogue and our everyday lives – and workshops for supporting Quaker leadership in the 21st Century.

Go to the FWCC Section of the Americas website for more information about what FWCC is doing to build bridges among Friends world-wide as well as locally.

Yours in friendship and peace, Anthony Manousos

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