Beyond Hatred and Scapegoating


Dear Friends: In the last edition of Western Friend, the last paragraph of the “Daily Justice and Injustice” article was incomplete — I had not gotten my final edit back to Mary in time. So please consider this to be a correction to that article, which I call “WWJWD: What Would John Woolman DO?” 

“And so, as Friends, we are called to move beyond the politics of delay and division, beyond the rhetoric of hatred and scapegoating. We are called to work diligently for real reform of the U.S. immigration system, to energetically and effectively urge our elected representatives and public officials to immediately cease oppressing immigrant communities, and to immediately pass humane reform of U.S. immigration laws.

“We are called to physically and spiritually accompany families and individual members of our community who are marginalized, oppressed, and brutalized because of their immigration status. We are called to speak out, to witness, and to act - as Fox, Penn, and Woolman would have us do, remembering that ‘Faith without works is mockery.’  (James 2:26)” 

– Tom Kowal, Mountain View Friends Meeting, Denver, CO (IMYM).

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