About Group Subscriptions

Monthly meetings may receive discounted pricing on group subscriptions to Western Friend. This help from monthly meetings is essential to the ability of our tiny staff to keep subscriptions current!

Regular rates for one year of Western Friend are:
  • $36 for print
  • $30 for PDF
  • $48 for both
  • $20 for low-income (either print or PDF)
Discounted rates for one-year group subscriptions to Western Friend are:
  Print only PDF only Print & PDF
1-4 subscribers No discount No discount No discount
5-15 subscribers, price per subscriber $32 $27 $45
16 or more subscribers, price per subscriber $28 $23 $40
Low income, price per subscriber
(No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)
$20 $20 N/A
To place a group subscription:
  • Identify an individual in your meeting who will serve as your "group subscription liaison."
  • Have that person contact Mary at editor@westernfriend.org