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More than once, I have been humbled by being called racist. My first reaction, however, was not humility. My first reaction was to feel offended and misunderstood. Surely my accuser didn’t know me or my motives or my history. Surely, they were using the term “racist” too broadly – sloppy, really... Read more.


The school year is about to begin. Parents and school districts are making decisions about what is best for children in the midst of a pandemic, anxiously weighing health risks against social and mental health benefits, deciding between distance learning and in-person, socially distanced... Read more.


Once there were three women, each in her own kitchen.

The first woman reached for her favorite mixing bowl – and dropped it. She looked at the broken pieces on the stone floor and let herself go with cursing as she collected the pieces and found some glue. She was angry enough at having... Read more.

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