Taming Uncle Johnny

by Mary Miche

Johnny has spent the last fifteen minutes telling me about the count of the sausages he had in the freezer. He can’t quite account for four of them, and he keeps going over and over the possibilities of the sausage disappearance. This conversation seems just about to end, when he realizes that he might be able to get more when they are on sale. After agonizing over the sausages, he considers his corn dogs. They got defrosted by accident. He could not find them in the freezer.

Johnny is staying with us this week because the electricity in his house was shut down. It seems that the upstairs tenant, who agreed to pay the electricity, had moved out and left a gigantic bill. This is just another of the string of difficulties that John has experienced in his life. These are all common occurrences for people with mental disabilities.

It has taken us a few years to piece together Johnny’s history. We think that the cause of his disability was a serious fall down a stairway when he was two years old. This may have damaged the right side of his brain and left him with a great difficulty in whole brain thinking. As his brother explains it, “John doesn’t get the whole picture. In fact, he doesn’t quite realize there IS a whole picture.” His father describes it as an utter lack of common sense. Read More

September/October 2014 Western Friend

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Taming Uncle Johnny

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